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Are you eligible for the highly desired Golden Visa in UAE? The UAE Golden Visa system has caused quite a stir among specific groups of expats with ambitions to secure a permanent residency in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It was launched to promote UAE as a commercial investment destination…
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Why Branding is important for your business?

With growing social media influence every day, customers are exposed to new businesses/companies. To trail blaze in this competitive market, businesses must go above and beyond traditional marketing. Hence the branding of a company is more significant than ever before. To accomplish this, you must develop a powerful brand that…
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The UAE government has introduced a major change in regulations which concerns Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO), the Cabinet of UAE has issued Cabinet Resolution no (58) of 2020, came into action on 28th August 2020, which states the regulations of real beneficiary procedures (UBO Regulations). All the Legal entities registered…
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The law which brought the tremendous transformation in the business ecosystem of Dubai, 100% Ownership on Business setup in Dubai Mainland, got implemented on 1st June 2021. It’s the game changer for the economic environment, as this law invites the foreign investors across the globe, to setup a company onshore…
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Fintech Business setup in DIFC

DIFC is one of the world’s Leading financial Centre’s connecting regional markets to the economies of the world. Along with the wider ecosystem and technology and innovation firms interested in developing or testing new, novel or innovative products. With more than 200 tech start-ups in the Centre, setting up a…
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How to Setup IT Business in UAE?

The Outbreak of COVID -19 has tested the core of each and every industry throughout the world. But IT Industry stood strong like a rock, it was the first industry to go along with the “new normal” terminology especially in the UAE. Dubai has dedicated Free zones allows 100% ownership…
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Food Truck Business in Dubai-know more

With the hype of the Street food in Dubai, food trucks are lining up in the most prestigious locations, which is unsurprisingly hooking up the interest of many entrepreneurs to get into this game, hence fetching the pool of profits without investing much capital into it. Setting up a food…
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