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Food Truck Business in Dubai-know more

With the hype of the Street food in Dubai, food trucks are lining up in the most prestigious locations, which is unsurprisingly hooking up the interest of many entrepreneurs to get into this game, hence fetching the pool of profits without investing much capital into it.

Setting up a food truck business in Dubai has found to be lighter on your pocket than setting up a restaurant due to the following reasons like lesser capital, quicker ROI, having the rent-free option, etc. But remember, there are very high standards to meet before commencing with your business.

Your application must be approved by the three independent entities, without it you cannot run your business in Dubai. But don’t worry, as long as you are adhering to the government guidelines and requirements, you can run your business very smoothly.

Here are the following approvals which are required to launch your business in Dubai.

1. Approval for the activity

The quicker you win the Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai Municipality and Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) approval, the quicker you can start your food truck business in Dubai.

The first step is to draw a business plan. This includes the concept of your business and your business model. With these, you can apply to DED, Dubai Municipality and RTA to get the approval.

2. Approval for the Food Truck fit-outs

To launch the food truck business in Dubai, you need to consider two important approvals that are Health and safety, which are supposed to get approved by Dubai Municipality authorized consultants. They need blueprints and fit-outs/design of the food truck which will ensure safety and helps to identify the hazardous risk factors which might affect the product we are selling off.

3. Location of Food Truck

The best location in Dubai goes away very quickly. You have to be on your toes and aggressive in your research to grab the best location which can be profitable for you.

Remember, in Dubai food trucks are not supposed to move around the city. So you need to pre-book a potential location before it gets out of hand.

Thus, it includes land and vehicle approval which is very important.

Dubai’s food truck business can go around for all the seasons, air-conditioned hall, for the summers and during winter’s food truck backyard.

The required list of Documents of the Establishment

  1. Trade License Copy
  2. MOA
  3. Tenancy contract & Ejari of the restaurant/catering business.

Approvals / Permits Requirement

  1. RTA
  2. Economic Department (DED)
  3. Municipality Approval

{Note – To get food truck business approval one must have restaurant/catering experience or the association with the restaurant or the catering entity.}

Why invest in Food Truck?

  1. Lesser Capital Investment
  2. Rent Free Business
  3. Cutting down of overhead expenses
  4. Attracting walk-in customers results in more sales
  5. Due to the premium location, food truck products sold at higher rates thus generates ROI very quickly.

As setting up a food truck business in Dubai can be a very complex process, you need to get the experts like Prime Global Business Services on board to setup your food truck business without any hassle.

 “Giving you the hassle-free business setup incorporation with best competitive pricing without compromising on our quality of services, that’s what defines Prime Global Business Services

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