KIZAD Free Zone

The Khalifa Industrial Zone KIZAD Free Zone is a visionary project by the Abu Dhabi government to transform the Industrial sector of the Emirate. Though the KIZAD project was revealed in November 2010 by Abu Dhabi Ports, it officially began its operations in September 2012. KIZAD is located in Taweelah, Abu Dhabi, offering customized business facilities in its Free Zone and Domestic Tariff Areas.
KIZAD presents a wide array of business solutions suitable for business activities including, but not limited to manufacturing, logistics, trade and distribution. Small start-up businesses to established large-scale businesses benefit from the customized business facilities offered by KIZAD. KIZAD has two vital elements, which attract foreign investors, one being its geographical location and the other its low operating cost.

KIZAD is regarded as the world’s one of the foremost port-integrated industrial zones, owing to its extensive size, world-class infrastructure, free zone and non-free zone solutions, dedicated investor support, competitive operating costs as well as its strategic location with access to regional and international markets. The KIZAD free zone offers proximity to customers, suppliers and other business efficiencies, guaranteeing that the manufacturing, trade and logistics derive long-term benefits.

KIZAD Free Zone stretches over a 417 square-kilometer area strategically located in between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The industrial park is divided into two areas namely, Area A and Area B. In general, Area A focuses on businessmen operating in the industrial sector and Area B is the home to commerce-based companies. KIZAD hosts both free zone-based companies as well as non-free zone-based companies. However, the non-free zone-based companies are registered under the Abu Dhabi Companies Act and the free zone companies come under the Abu Dhabi Free Zone Authority’s regulations.
The free zone creates value through integrated service offerings that span steel, aluminum, paper & packaging, metal products, pharmaceutical & healthcare equipment, food processing, automotive spare parts and polymer converting.

Benefits of Setting Up a Business in KIZAD Free Zone

KIZAD is an integrated logistics, trade and industrial hub of Abu Dhabi, offering multifarious benefits such as,

World-class infrastructure

Fast document screening, license and certificates issuance

Zero personal and corporate tax

100% repatriation of business profits and capital

Complete foreign business ownership

Low operational costs

Industrial synergy

100% exemption from customs duty on goods and services

Pre-built office and warehouse facility

Multimodal connectivity via air, sea and land

Availability of business parks

Types of Licenses in KIZAD Free Zone

Industrial License

Industrial License holders in KIZAD Free Zone can import, assemble, pack and export goods.

General Trading License

A General Trading License allows companies to trade in several product categories under different groups.

Service License

Service License is applicable to businesses such as marketing agencies, restaurants, management consultancy, cargo/logistics services, warehousing services, travel and tourism agencies.

Types of Companies in KIZAD Free Zone

Key Steps in Starting a Business in KIZAD Free Zone

The key steps in the business set up in KIZAD Free Zone are as follows:

Step 1

Determining Your
Economic Activity

Step 2

Determining the
Legal Form of the Company

Step 3

of Business Name

Step 4


Step 5

Acquiring Approvals
from Authorities

Step 6

Obtaining a
Business License

KIZAD free zone offers vast opportunities for businesses to grow. The free zone focuses on attracting and encouraging foreign investors to start a business in the UAE market. KIZAD is one of the best destinations for setting up your business. Prime Global can lend you a hand in your company formation process in the KIZAD free zone. We will assist you in gaining deeper knowledge in the business set up processes in all the free zones all around the UAE and help you pick the best one suiting your business activity. We take up all the legal, banking and immigration formalities to be carried out from your end and ensure a safe, low cost and hassle-free company registration in the KIZAD free zone. To know more, contact one of our experts now!

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