Step 13

We will obtain an import & Export code to make the Company eligible for mobilization of goods worldwide.

Step 12

Our efficient accounting team helps in the successful completion of your VAT registration and get your TRN Number.

Step 11

We shall loop you with expert bank representatives who can help you open the corporate bank account by fulfilling all Bank Compliances

Step 10

Simultaneously with the establishment card you can open the labour file as well in order to recruit employees

Step 9

Once you get the Trade License then Immigration file can be opened in order to obtain investor visa.

Step 8

Except Dubai Mainland you will have to obtain E Channel Registration for all immigration works

Step 7

Once the Payment Voucher is issued you can make the relevant payment and obtain the Trade License

Step 5

Based on requirement choose your office facilitation and obtain a valid tenancy contract & Ejari

Step 4

Our Dedicated PRO’s will assist you for the completion of MOA preparation and Court Legislation.

Step 6

We shall assist you to submit all the relevant documents to the DED to obtain the Payment Voucher

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