It’s Easier than anywhere else in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) to Set up a Business in the United Arab Emirates(UAE). According to the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business 2019 report, the nation ranks 11th.

The UAE scores far Ahead of neighbours in terms of excellent infrastructure, no taxes, low import duties, and a strategic location. For instance, Business Setup Consultancy can assist the expatriates to set up their business in 24 hours and can assist to get a residency visa for investors within 2 days.

As, compared to an average of 538 days in high-income OECD economies, the report commended how the UAE has reformed contract enforcement, with commercial disputes which were resolved in 495days.

Let’s find out how UAE is considered as the easiest country for setting up a business.

  • 1. Liberal & New Business Licensing for Foreign Investors

The introduction of new types of licenses and liberal compliance regulations for foreign investors and 100%owndership, commercial permits and reduced licensing fees has attracted a lot of foreign investors across the globe in past years.

  • 2. Friendly Taxes and Judiciary

UAE has an involved judiciary system to meet the modern standards. So investors has to pay least amount of taxes on businesses they set in UAE. In fact separate legal system has been created which deals with disputes pertaining to foreign investors alone.

  • 3. Online Services, Energy & Infrastructure

Commercial Industries and Businesses get power at a minimal cost in the UAE. Online Services in the UAE have made the Company registration much easier and faster. Due to the Smart Dubai Government Move, Access to high-speed internet has made the registration, online taxation, online approvals, and access to all the government portal much easier.

No wonder UAE has become the hotspot for the world business leaders and entrepreneurs.

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