Dubai being the hub for all types of businesses in the world. With the time passing by, pharmaceutical industry has been the fastest rising segment in the world.  And that is one of the reasons, pharmacy businesses are now encouraged in the Dubai.

But you need to know, there are different types of pharmaceutical businesses in the UAE. Dubai Health Authority also issues license for other type of healthcare facilities in Dubai like Pharmacy, Para Pharmaceutical Trading, Drug store, Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone.

Following important points to be considered while planning your pharmacy business;

  1. The client must not own more than two pharmacies in the UAE
  2. The pharmacy location must be more than 200 meters from the nearest pharmacy
  3. The pharmacy must be located on the ground floor, with the exception of pharmacies in commercial centers
  4. The pharmaceutical facility must not be linked with any other commercial activity
  5. The area of the pharmacy or scientific office must cover a minimum of 30 square meters, the area covered by internal pharmacies in hospitals should be of reasonable size, and that of a warehouse area must cover a minimum of 50 square meters excluding administrative offices and toilets
  6. Initial approval will be valid for six months only, during which time the pharmacy owner is required to meet all technical requirements and conditions to obtain the license from the Ministry of Health. There is no fixed period for factories.

In addition, the following requirements apply to pharmacies and medical warehouses:

  1. There must be signage (Arabic and English with all characters in one standard size) conforming to the technical conditions, with the name approved by the Pharmaceutical Licensing Committee
  2. Shelves and storage tanks to preserve medicines is a must
  3. There must be an air-tight locker to preserve controlled medicines
  4. There should be refrigerator with a digital thermometer
  5. Adequate air conditioning for the area size is a must.
  6. There must be curtains for glass facades exposed to the sun
  7. There must be working fire extinguishers
  8. There must be devices to deter insects


  1. Copy of sponsor’s valid passport
  2. Copy of sponsor’s family book
  3. Copy of Passport of all shareholder/s and manager/s
  4. Copy of valid ID card
  5. Business Plan
  6. Site geometric plan approved by the engineering consulting office
  7. Land planning map for the facility site approved by the municipality
  8. Recent color photograph in white background
  9. Copy of valid lease agreement with Ejari
  10. Character reference documents of the owner and the pharmacist in charge (document available from a Customer Happiness Center)
  11. Copy of valid trade license issued by Department of Economic Development
  12. Copy of license of the pharmacist responsible for pharmaceutical facility

In addition, for pharmaceutical factories and medical products:

  1. Partnership contract guaranteeing shareholders’ rights
  2. Copy of the Memorandum of Association
  3. Copy of the feasibility study

Setting up a pharmaceutical business in Dubai can be complex, but if you take guidance from a business setup consultant of Prime Global Business Services for not just obtaining the license but you’ll be assured a hassle-free Business Setup in Dubai.

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